ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. – Creekstone Farms’ USDA-certified Black Angus beef is now certified for humane handling. The company announced that Humane Farm Animal Care verified that Creekstone meets defined objective standards for humane care of its cattle.

Creekstone’s cattle-receiving facility was designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, professor of Animal Science at Colorado State Univ., and a long-time contributor to MEAT+POULTRY. The company said it did not change its beef production process to qualify for the certification.

“We’ve always felt treating the animals humanely is the right thing to do,” Ryan Meyer, director of Cattle Procurement, said in a news release. “Our cattle handling facilities were designed by Dr. Temple Grandin to minimize stress at our facility. Creekstone Farms sees Certified Humane verification as the logical next step. We have always been focused on low stress animal handling practices, but a third- party verification by Humane Farm Animal Care gives consumers even more confidence that we are practicing what we preach.”

Creekstone’s Black Angus beef also received Non-GMO Project verified certification for its non-GMO beef products in addition to certifications from the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Never Ever 3, Source and Age Verification, Certified All Natural, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle and IMI Global.