Glenn Robertson, Missouri turkey farmer
Cargill's new ad campaign focuses on turkey farmers like Glenn Robertson of Missouri, posing beside his barn. (photo: Cargill)

WICHITA, Kan. – A new Cargill marketing campaign urges consumers to thank turkey producers. The campaign includes the company’s Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms turkey brands. The ads also will highlight that Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms turkeys are raised without antibiotics for growth promotion purposes.

The campaign, which is scheduled Jan. 25 through April 4, will air on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC networks, the company said. In addition to television ads, the campaign will have a market-specific, geographically targeted focus using “Connected TV” outlets such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and HBO GO. Facebook and other social media channels will carry a 90-second video version of the television ads.

Television ads for Shady Brook Farms will air on network stations in key Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets in addition to Connected TV markets throughout the same region, Cargill noted. Honeysuckle White network and Connected TV advertising will air in the Midwest and key areas of the Southwest.

“Our goal is to increase awareness for our brands, their positioning in the marketplace and to support the rollout of new Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms packaging designs,” Jan Hood, head of marketing for both brands, said in a statement. “We also encourage people to give thanks to the many independent farmers who work hard to raise our turkeys and ensure tasty, high quality, nutritious, wholesome protein is available year-round to consumers across America. We’re proud of the job they do and their stewardship of resources required to produce turkey.”