Already the face and voice of the hot dog and sausage industry and known as “The Queen of Wien,” Janet Riley, who serves as the vice president of public affairs for the North American Meat Institute, can now add a new nickname to her title, based on a video from NAMI released earlier this year that she hosts. 

Janet Riley takes viewers on a tour of a bacon processing plant.
Janet Riley, vice president of public affairs for the North American Meat Institute

Perhaps “Meat Candy Maven” or “Bacon Whisperer” would be suitable for Riley’s co-starring role with bacon in the lead. Titled: “Makin Bacon: Inside the Processing of America’s Favorite Meat Candy,” this video gives viewers a glimpse inside a bacon-processing plant and demonstrates the step-by-step process of transforming pork bellies into one of the most popular and versatile meat products in the processing industry. Riley even delves into some of the specifics of labeling claims and ingredient solutions used to enhance bacon products.

“Few people know how bacon is made,” Riley says in the introduction of the video that covers all the basics in less than three minutes. She concludes at the end of the video, obviously designed to educate consumers, “The next time you’re frying up a slice or wrapping a steak in it, you can tell your friends you’ve seen the process.” Check out the video.