HERTFORDSHIRE, England – A charity in the United Kingdom has released a guide to effective stunning of poultry. The Humane Slaughter Association published new guidance notes on bird welfare during electrical water bath stunning.

The HSA guide, which includes illustrations, features various types of equipment available, gives examples of standard operating procedures for primary and back-up stunning equipment and information on risk assessment for animal welfare. The guide is aimed at animal welfare officers, veterinarians and individuals involved in training staff for Certificates of Competence in animal welfare at slaughter. It is available for download free of charge from the HSA website at www.hsa.org.uk.

The HSA is an independent charity that to improve the welfare of food animals worldwide during transport, marketing, slaughter and killing for welfare reasons or disease control. The group’s work includes researching, refining and demonstrating humane slaughter methods, publishing guidelines such as best practices, books and videos, funding research projects and equipment development.