Amazon, in partnership with Fresh Nation, plans to deliver local farmers market foods directly to consumers.
Amazon's Farmers Market Direct initiative brings meat, poultry and other food products from famers markets to consumers.
(photo: Fresh Nation)

STAMFORD, Conn. – In its quest to deliver just about anything anywhere, Amazon is testing delivery of fresh food from local farmers markets, the Los Angeles Times reported. Amazon is partnering with Fresh Nation on the initiative called “Farmers Market Direct.”

Fresh Nation is a Stamford, Conn.-based business focused on expanding access to local foods for consumers who cannot travel to their local farmers markets. To use the service, consumers browse Fresh Nation’s online store which features meat, poultry, produce, dairy and other items. A personal food shopper goes to a different farmers market near the consumer every day to fulfill the food order, and then delivers the items to consumer’s home or office.

The service, which costs $299 per year, is available only to subscribers of Amazon’s Prime Fresh service which includes free delivery on orders more than $50 plus all the benefits of Amazon Prime membership. Amazon currently is testing the service in Southern California and New York, but there have been no specific dates for a nationwide rollout.