WASHINGTON – A family-owned wholesale distributor of meat, poultry and other food items to hundreds of restaurants, hotels and institutions in the Los Angeles area, Hawthorne, Calif.-based Victor’s Market Company announced the recall of 7,368 lbs. of poultry products Aug. 7, according to the US Dept. of Agriculture.

Whole chickens and chicken pieces produced between April 10, 2015, and July 20, 2015, were made from birds that were slaughtered under religious exemption, which the company did not declare on the product label, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a press release. The misbranding issue was discovered by FSIS officials as part of routine inspection at the plant. No reports of illness or adverse reactions resulting from the consumption of the products has been reported to FSIS or the company.

The products subject to the recall include approximately 50 lb. boxes, each containing:
“Primal Pastures Chicken Whole;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Back;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Wing;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Thigh;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Neck;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Head;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Feet;”
“Primal Pastures Chicken Drumstick;” and
“Primal Pastures Chicken Breast.”