KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Despite higher beef prices and negative health perceptions, the burger continues to rock along as a staple in the American diet, with nearly 60 percent of people eating a burger once a week. 

Sara Monnette, vice president of Technomic, discusses burger trends.
Sarah Monnette, vice president of Technomic

Sarah Monnette, vice president of Technomic, a Chicago-based foodservice industry research and consulting company, is not surprised that burgers continue to be a dominant part of Americans’ diet.

“Burgers are quintessential favorites for Americans and part of our culture,” Monnette says.
Monnette points out that a reason for burgers’ continued growth is the fact that they are simply more readily available to consumers, especially with what she calls the growth of fast-casual better-burger chains.

Lawrence Aylward, editor of MEAT+POULTRY, caught up with Monnette recently to discuss burger trends. In this podcast, Monnette discusses the increased popularity of fast-casual burger chains as well the future of turkey and chicken burgers. In addition, Monnette addresses the differences in consumers who opt for more healthy burgers versus those who indulge in double-beef burgers loaded with cheese, mayonnaise and other fat-laden ingredients.