LEESBURG, Ind. – Chefs and caterers can now quickly and easily add duck to their menus thanks to Maple Leaf Farms. A leading producer of quality duck products for foodservice and retail markets, Maple Leaf Farms recently introduced fully cooked Roasted Duck Legs for chefs and caterers.

The White Pekin duck legs are lightly seasoned and oven roasted until tender and juicy. They are ideal served whole as an entrée with a signature sauce and can be shredded for use in sandwiches, salads, soups and pastas. 

“The oven roasting process locks in flavor and juices and reduces prep time significantly, allowing chefs to focus on creativity and signature presentations,” said Scott Swaidner, R&D manager about the new roasted duck legs.

The Maple Leaf Farms roasted duck legs range from 4 to 6 oz. Each 8-lb. case contains eight, three-count vacuum packages for a total of 24 duck legs per box.