WASHINGTON – The North American Meat Institute issued a call for presentations for its Animal Care and Handling Conference scheduled for Oct. 15-16 in Kansas City, Mo. Presentations can cover equipment, training programs, procedures or any idea related to animal handling best practices.

“Presentations can be as short as a slide or two and a three to five minute talk, or they can last 10 minutes and cover a range of ideas,” NAMI said in a news release. “We are able to assist in creating a presentation if that poses any obstacle to your ability to share. Our only request is that the presentation not be a “commercial” for a particular piece of equipment or company.”

Individuals interested in giving a presentation during the bullet sessions should contact Janet Riley, senior vice president, public affairs at jriley@meatinstitute.org, or Ann Wells, director, education and workforce development at awells@meatinstitute.org.