Creekstone Farms has added non-GMO Black Angus beef to its product lineup.
Consumers can now order non-GMO Black Angus beef online from Creekstone Farms. (Photo: Creekstone Farms)

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. – Creekstone Farms Premium Beef is now offering GMO Project verified Black Angus beef through the company’s online store.

Rural Route 1 (RR1) Farms, a cattle feeding and farming business, sources the beef which is antibiotic and hormone-free. The company boasts several certifications, including Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Never Ever 3, Source and Age Verification, Certified All Natural, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, IMI Global and the Non-GMO Project Group verification.

The single-family farm sources from ranches in Oregon, Nevada, California, Wyoming and Montana, according to the RR1 website. Ranchers are required to sign a legally binding document that their cattle have never been given GMO feed and are genetically 50 percent or more Angus. RR1 feed cattle non-GMO corn and forage grown on the farm.

“Creekstone Farms has a reputation for delivering high-quality and consistently delicious Premium Black Angus Beef, and we are pleased to announce an option for consumers who want a Non-GMO Project Verified Beef product,” said Jim Rogers, vice president of sales and marketing. “In partnership with the Non-GMO Project and RR1 Farms, we are especially proud to offer this new beef program which follows strict protocols and adheres to the Non-GMO certified requirements.”