HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS — New, smaller packages of fully cooked burger patties and mini-burger patties are being introduced by Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef. The new packages feature an updated look, resealable opening, a lower price point and are available in the freezer section.

"What people gain in convenience with a frozen burger is often lost in taste … not so with this product. We get complaints from customers when grocers are out of stock," said Charlie Bradbury, chief executive.

The all-natural, 100% beef burgers are charbroiled using a slow cook process for a juicy texture then are flash frozen to seal in authentic grilled flavor. Product is available in two sizes.

Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef, which markets Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender and Nolan Ryan’s Premium Reserve lines of beef, is an operation of Beefmaster Cattlemen and owned by baseball Hall of Famer and Texas rancher, Nolan Ryan and several of his ranching partners.