Danny Dupree, vice president, operations, Bar-S Foods
Danny Dupree, vice president of operations at Bar-S Foods, has spent 22 years with the company.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – With the lofty title of: Vice President of Operations with Phoenix-based Bar-S Foods Co., Danny Dupree doesn’t shy away from responsibility and hard work. Having started with the company working on the financial side of the business as a green, 22-year-old college graduate, Dupree worked his way up through the ranks at Bar-S, which in 1982, was still a start-up company founded by Tim Day.

Much has changed in the industry and within Bar-S, as Dupree will attest. At the age of 55, he fondly remembers his early days with the company and the production teams and leaders he’s had the privilege to work alongside. Dupree is the recipient of MEAT+POULTRY’s Operations Executive of the Year for 2015 and in this video, he reflects on the start of his career with the company and his evolving roles as Bar-S grew to become a leading hot dog, sliced meat and bacon-processing company. 

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