WESTFORD, MA. — Deli-Arts of Westford, Mass., a manufacturer of artisan deli products, has launched its new brand initiative and expanded product line. The NYDP Deli Patrol line debuted last month with six offerings: Slow-Steamed Pastrami, Oven Roasted Corned Beef, Holiday Roast Turkey, Fireside Roast Turkey, Fireside Roast Beef and Griddle-Ready Corned Beef Hash.

Dan Estridge, Deli-Arts founder, said he knew consumers have been unsatisfied with pastrami bought at supermarket deli-counters. Mr. Estridge decided to bring the golden age of the New York deli back and to make these products even more accessible.

Pastrami tends to be chewy, even rubbery, leaving only one real option for finding perfection: Get it at one of the few remaining great delis, Mr. Estridge said. Traditionally, proper pastrami has been cooked twice — once in the smokehouse and again just before service. The deli-secret lies in the final preparation performed on-site. Legendary deli owners started with a great pastrami, but then those meats also required skillful, long, slow steaming to achieve their storied succulence. There was no shortcut — until now, Mr. Estridge said.

Mr. Estridge said his new process, which took three years to develop, delivers all the tenderness, succulence and flavor from the golden age of deli in a product sold at retail — with no extra preparation required.

Developing this product line wasn’t easy, Mr. Estridge admitted. "When I set out to develop this product, we already had a great, authentic pastrami and I figured we’d just cook it all the way through like they do in the best delis," he added. "Boy, was I wrong. Retail products face challenges you don’t deal with in a restaurant. Cook, chill, packaging for retail, shipping, shelf life, slicing, travel home, reheating… and after all that it has to be great like in the old days at the best delis."

In the end, the company’s processing breakthroughs enabled it to tackle additional challenges with equal success, such as developing turkey without the added water and fresh corned beef hash not in a can.

"These products are so different than anything else out there that we had to create a new brand for them," he said.