WASHINGTON – Approximately 12,672 lbs. of squab, or domesticated pigeons, produced in France were not presented for inspection, the Food Safety and Inspection Service reported.

Paterson, NJ- based Greenland Trading Corp., which specializes in Halal foods, launched a recall of the squab, but FSIS discovered the problem while conducting product surveillance at Virgin World Foods, doing business as Banou International Food in Hopyard, Calif. There have been no reports of illnesses associated with the products.

The products were imported from a French company that is not eligible to export meat or poultry to the United States, FSIS said. The products were imported to the US on June 21, 2014; Aug. 16, 2014; and Feb. 16, 2015. The affected products include 8.8 lb. cardboard boxes containing 12 individually plastic wrapped squab weighing less than one pound, labeled “AL MARAAI SQUAB HALAL.”

The products bear the establishment number “79.213.004 CE” on the box containing the individual packages. The birds were processed by Earl Piegonneaux Fermier Du Poitou of Sauvian France. These products were shipped to port #4601, Port Newark, New York, NY.