HARBESON, Del. – Allen Harim Foods LLC is facing fines of $38,000 for exposing workers to musculoskeletal injuries at the company’s Delaware poultry plant, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported.

OSHA said that investigators determined that workers on the debone line “performed prolonged, repetitive and forceful tasks without controls to prevent injuries.” Allen Harim also received citations for failing to designate emergency exits properly and to ensure employees received training related to machinery that could unexpectedly start up during service and maintenance.

“The combination of musculoskeletal disorder hazards, lack of proper medical treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and underreporting of injuries at this plant must be addressed by the company,” said Erin Patterson, director of OSHA's Wilmington, Del., office.

Allen Harim employs 960 workers at the Harbeson plant. The company operates a poultry-processing plant in Cordova, Md.; breeding operations in Liberty, NC; and hatcheries and a feed mill in Dagsboro and Seaford, Del.