SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — JBS S.A. announced pursuant to the Brazilian Securities Commission Instruction No. 358/02 that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, JBS USA Holdings Inc. filed Aug. 7 with the C.V.M. an application for listing its Brazilian Depositary Receipts Level III. Each B.D.R. represents a certain number of its common stock.

The company also made an application for a public offering of its B.D.R.s in Brazil, as per C.V.M. Instruction No. 331, No. 332 and No. 400, as amended, all related to JBS USA´s process for listing of its common shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This global offering is subject to the authorization of the S.E.C., C.V.M. and BM&FBovespa, as well as other authorities and is subject to market conditions at the time of the global offering.

JBS S.A. is the world's largest beef producer and exporter with a daily harvesting capacity of 73,900 head and the largest global exporter of processed beef. The company's operations include 25 plants located in nine Brazilian states, six plants located in four Argentine provinces, 16 plants in the U.S., 10 in Australia and eight in Italy. JBS S.A. is also the third-largest pork producer in the U.S., with a harvesting capacity of 48,500 head per day.