Land O' Frost headquarters
Land O' Frost's new headquarters features technology that supports real-time communication with the company's other production facilities.

CHICAGO – Land O' Frost is movin’ on up. The company revealed its new offices in Munster, Ind. which were designed and built by Wight & Company.

The building covers 28,000 sq. ft. and features an open office concept, a restaurant-quality demonstration kitchen and a “pilot plant” that will serve as an innovation center.

“We partnered with Wight & Company to create a space that encourages collaboration, supports research and development, and will help us attract and retain the best talent in our industry,” CEO David VanEekeren said. “This new facility will serve as a platform for sustained growth and help us continue to provide innovative products to the marketplace for years to come.”

The demonstration kitchen and pilot plant, which are housed on the first floor, feature a US Dept. of Agriculture-approved facility featuring a spice room and meat curing and smoking equipment. The second floor is dedicated to corporate functions and includes a large open office work space and private C-suite offices. Huddle rooms, breakout and conference space will facilitate collaborations.

Land O' Frost test kitchen
A demonstration kitchen and pilot plant occupy the first floor of the new headquarters building.

The new headquarters are also wired with communications technology that supports real-time interaction between headquarters and Land O’ Frost production facilities in Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas and Nebraska.

“Land O’Frost’s new home accommodates future expansion and makes a statement about who this company is and where it is heading in the future,” said Michael Lubbers, vice president and creative director at Wight & Company. “We delivered a stunning facility that communicates the high quality of Land O’Frost’s products and celebrates the people who are responsible for that quality.”