Two Rivers 34 Reserve ribeye
Bo Jackson's 34 Reserve ribeyes

DAKOTA DUNES, SD – Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson excelled on the gridiron and the baseball diamond before retiring with a hip injury. These days, Jackson is gaining a reputation for food, specifically meat. Yes, Bo knows beef.

That’s why Two Rivers is touting its relationship with Jackson by launching Bo Jackson’s 34 Reserve, the latest in Two Rivers’ line of premium offerings for the food service market. The 34 Reserve Choice line will be exclusively available through Bo’s 34 Signature Foods, the food division of his company, VEJ Holdings LLC Food Division.

“As much as I like to cook, I eat away from home a lot and what gets me to return to a place is a tender steak with bold flavors. Our 34 Reserve Choice steaks deliver on that,” Jackson said. “Two Rivers is a brand that is committed to quality, great taste, and value – three things that are very important to me – and I’m thrilled to be partnering with the company to provide a great steak and a great experience to steak lovers across the country.”

Jackson’s 34 Reserve will feature fresh cuts of USDA-graded Choice beef, including ribeyes, striploins, tenderloins and sirloin, and will be available to food service customers in mid-June. In a press release, Two Rivers said it strives to “accentuate the natural marbling for a more flavorful, tender and juicy dining experience. The result is highly marbled beef at a substantial value.”

“A great tasting steak makes all the difference, and we have found a way to make cuts taste better. Bo Jackson’s 34 Reserve stands out for its juiciness and tenderness,” said Craig Letch, company spokesman. “We’re excited to collaborate with Bo to deliver these bold-tasting and flavorful cuts that customers and fans will love.”

Bo Jackson’s 34 Reserve will be available to restaurant, resort and other food service operators for purchase through Two Rivers and select distribution partners.