Cher-Make 100 Calorie Bratwurst
Cher-Make has added Pepper Jack and Mild Italian flavors to its line of low-calorie bratwurst.

MANITOWOC, Wis. – The Cher-Make Sausage Company continues to tap into consumer demand for better-for-you food options with the release of two new flavors of the company’s 100 Calorie Chicken Sausage product line.

The new flavors are 100 calorie Pepper Jack Chicken Bratwurst and 100 Calorie Mild Italian Chicken Sausage. The products boast traditional brat flavor and texture and are made from all-natural chicken. The new flavors join the company’s original offering — 100 Calorie Chicken Bratwurst.

“Today’s consumer is looking for healthier choices, so in addition to the 100 calorie per link sausage additions, we’ve formulated them to be gluten free and contain no MSG or added nitrites,” Cher-Make President Tom Chermak said.

In support of the product line, Cher-Make plans to hold in-store demos and offer online coupons, recipes and contests on its Facebook and Pinterest sites.

“We’ve waited to offer this new line up until the “sausage experience” was up to our company standards,” Chermak said. “These three new products have been very well received, and are a great way for the calorie counters to enjoy a great taste of Wisconsin.”