BERKELEY, Ill. – Preferred Meals, a supplier of meals to public and private school districts and charter schools, said a survey it conducted reveals that its online menu access has become “increasingly popular” and that there has been a 500 percent increase in website visits over previous year. Preferred Meals noted that parents as well as school staffs across the country are “extremely interested” in learning more about their children’s daily school menus, including details about its nutritional value.

For two years, Preferred Meals has offered all of the schools it serves every meal menu available online as well as nutritional information and allergy for each item served. Parents are using these additional resources and materials to gain more knowledge to help them implement healthy habits for children at school as well at home, the company said. The information is located at

“We are happy with the customer feedback on their interest in menu offerings as well as the significant increase in site visits,” said Clare R. Keating, Preferred Meals vice president of marketing.

Parents and school staff members can view their daily, weekly or monthly menu on their personal computers or view the mobile version on their smart phones or tablets and obtain nutrition information, allergy information and distinguish the menu items that fulfill the National School Lunch Program standards.

Nutrition information is displayed by item, by day and distinguishes the meal contribution for each item to aid the foodservice staff in meeting production recording regulations. Additionally, nutrition information, allergy information and a photo (if available) are displayed on the website in a pop-up window when the cursor is placed over a menu item.

“Parents have discovered online menu access to be a great information source and we are pleased they are reviewing all of the content available,” Keating said. “We expect to see continuing growth into the 2015-16 school year. Our goal is provide all of our students with nutritious and healthy meal choices every day and get the word out to parents and the public much more efficiently.”