WASHINGTON – The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service re-organized its avian influenza outbreak data highlighting the toll H5N2 has taken on the US poultry industry.

The last detection of avian influenza was May 1, according to APHIS data. More than 110 detections were reported, and 21,644,473 birds have been affected. Iowa and Minnesota reported the highest numbers of bird deaths at 15,566,900 and 3,762,360 birds respectively.

Wild birds are known to carry H5 virus strains without appearing sick, according to animal health officials. The majority of the AI detections were made in the Mississippi Flyway, according to APHIS data, indicating that the virus is still active within migratory bird populations. Findings also were made in the Pacific and Central Flyways.

Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin have declared states of emergency due to outbreaks of H5N2.