OTTAWA, Ontario – There are no outstanding requests for corrective action at the former XL Foods beef processing facility, the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency reported.

The statement came in response to reports about food safety procedures at the plant which is now owned by JBS Canada. In 2012, the plant was at the center of the largest beef recall in Canadian history.

Documents obtained by CTV News revealed food safety problems continued at the former XL Foods – Lakeside processing plant in Brooks, Alberta, two years after the recall. The documents include inspection reports and requests for corrective action from the CFIA. However, the agency explained that the number of corrective action requests issued to JBS Canada is consistent with a plant of its size.

“All corrective action requests were addressed back in 2014 or previous to that and there are no overdue requests,” CFIA said in a statement. “JBS Canada has fully addressed all issues raised by the CFIA in the allotted timeframes. There are no outstanding Corrective Action Requests.”

CFIA added that inspectors with the agency meet regularly with JBS Canada to review plant performance. The last meeting was held in January, CFIA said.

“Corrective Action Requests issued by the CFIA and the follow up actions from the company provide a documented record of the ongoing, proactive inspection work being conducted at JBS Canada and all food processing establishments,” CFIA said. “Corrective Action Requests may be issued for a range of situations, from minor deficiencies to more serious concerns.”