FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Elevation Burger, a leading provider of organic, grass-fed burgers, announced that organic chicken products are now on the firm's menu. All 50 domestic and international Elevation Burger restaurants will offer organic chicken tenderloins, the company said.

“People want clean, better-tasting food they can trust, that’s raised humanely and in a way that’s better for the environment,” said Rick Altizer, Elevation Burger CEO.

Elevation Burger sources its chicken from Alexandria, Va.-based Cuisine Solutions, a premium foods company specializing in the sous-vide method of cooking and meal preparation. Cuisine Solutions buys fresh, USDA-certified organic chicken and cooks it using the sous-vide method. The chicken is then delivered to Elevation Burger restaurants and finished-grilled for serving.

“Research makes it very clear that more and more people are becoming conscious of the food they feed themselves and their families,” said Stanislaus Vilgrain, CEO of Cuisine Solutions. “We have always strived to provide the finest quality, best-tasting and healthiest products, and gaining USDA Organic Certification allows us to help ensure there is an adequate supply to meet the demand of these health-conscious consumers.”