Burger King mascot Gloria, a Rhode Island Red chicken
Is a chicken in charge at Burger King? (Photo courtesy of Burger King)

MIAMI – Burger King returned to its menu the company's Chicken Fries but with a catch: A chicken named Gloria will choose which restaurants will serve the popular item for one day. The ”Random Gloria Tour” represents a new level of creative thinking about limited-time promotions, according to the company.

The “Random Gloria Tour” features a three-year-old Rhode Island Red chicken traveling to Burger King locations and choosing at random where Chicken Fries will be sold — restaurant by restaurant. Gloria chooses whether a location will carry Chicken Fries by pecking into one of two bowls that say “yes" or “no”. So far, Bayonne, NJ received a “No” vote, while Colmar Manor, Md. got a “Yes”. Burger King fans can see Gloria in person, or watch a live stream at www.chickenfries.com as Gloria makes her choice.

Burger King said in August 2014 that removing Chicken Fries from the menu sparked a social media campaign to bring back the popular item. Chicken Fries are made with white meat chicken coated in a light breading seasoned with spices and herbs. Burger King first launched the chicken strips in 2005. But the company removed them from the menu in 2012 to make room for new products.

“Our fans have spoken, and we had to listen. On peak days we’ve seen one tweet every 40 seconds about Chicken Fries, many of them directly petitioning, begging, for us to bring them back,” Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer North America, Burger King Corporation, said at the time. “When you have guests who are this passionate about a product, you have to give them what they want.”

Gloria was raised at Starlight Ranch, Lake Elsinore, Calif. The chicken will be chaperoned by her handler Gail.