KFC Zinger Bacon Cheeseburger
KFC's Zinger Bacon Cheeseburger is available at the chain's Burgers/Wraps/Bowls concept in Australia.

SYDNEY, Australia – KFC, a subsidiary of YUM! Brands, Inc., recently launched its first Burgers/Wraps/Bowls concept restaurant in the Sydney, Australia suburb of Paramatta, according to news reports.

The upscale concept restaurant features a streamlined menu that includes new products and ingredients. For example, the KFC "burger" is a chicken breast filet that comes in three styles — grilled, original recipe or marinated in KFC's signature Zinger marinade and a crunchy coating. Sauces include Southern BBQ, Jalapeno Mayo and Creamy Aioli.

Taking a page from Subway, the Burgers/Wraps/Bowls concept has an open kitchen layout where customers can see fresh ingredients such as basmati rice, corn salsa and red quinoa. Frozen custards are on offer for dessert.

Burgers/Wraps/Bowls puts poultry on its large artisanal buns and labels them burgers. But in Japan, KFC went all the way with its Bistro Hamburg, a 30/70 pork and beef patty covered in a mushroom demi-glace on a burger bun, according to Burger Business.

The burger is prices at 490 yen ($4.11) a la carte or 770 yen ($6.46) in a combo meal.