LOS ANGELES – California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed notice that her office will appeal a US District Court ruling that overturned the state's ban on foie gras.

The state is not seeking an injunction; restaurants can continue to serve the dish. Foie gras has been a source of controversy because it is produced by force feeding geese and ducks to create fatty livers. Animal welfare groups argue the practice is inhumane treatment.

"Mercy For Animals applauds California attorney general Kamala Harris for her decision to defend this important law and protect animals from being tortured for foie gras," the group said on its website. "We are confident that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will reject the district court’s bizarre and erroneous ruling and uphold this important law."

California legislators passed the ban in 2004, but the law didn't take effect until 2012. The foie gras industry challenged the ban, citing lost profits during the ban. On Jan. 6, US District Court Judge Stephen Wilson sided with pro-foie gras groups that argued the legislation was vague and conflicted with federal interstate commerce laws.