Boned, A Broth Company broth products
Boned, A Broth Company, uses bones from grass-fed beef cattle and free-range chickens in its products.

KELOWNA, British Columbia – Bone broths have beaten a path to Western Canada with the launch of broth products made by Boned, A Broth Company. The company’s Western Canadian distribution partners are Horizon Distributors and PSC Natural Foods.

Inspired by the Paleo diet, bone broths are made from roasted animal bones that are simmered from about 12 to 48 hours to extract nutrients, minerals, gelatin, collagen and amino acids. “Brothistas” at Boned use bones from grass-fed cattle and free-range chickens. The product is flash frozen.

Fans of bone broths claim the products have anti-inflammatory properties and facilitate muscle and ligament healing, increased metabolism, digestive healing and repair and decreased food allergies and sensitivities.

“With chef grandma Maria's guidance and her 200-year-old Slovakian recipe, we have taken a home cooked delicious remedy and a dream, and have turned it into a reality — bone broth and the countless benefits it brings to anyone from an elite athlete searching for a huge boost of pure collagen protein to a senior with arthritis,” said Shane Whittle, who founded the company with Christian Brix, a chiropractor and cancer survivor Maria Levko, who also is a home cook.

The product is sold at retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Choices Markets, Urban Fare and others in Canada.