WASHINGTON — Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) introduced S.1527 this week, which would amend the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to order a recall of adulterated, misbranded or otherwise unsafe meat and poultry products, the American Meat Institute relays.

Food recalls are currently voluntary actions initiated by the processor or distributor to protect the public from products that may cause adverse health problems or otherwise do not comply with a regulatory requirement.

U.S.D.A.’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, which inspects meat, poultry and processed egg products produced in federally-inspected plants, is responsible for ensuring these products are safe, wholesome and accurately labeled. Although the manufacturer or distributor of the meat or poultry products typically initiates meat and poultry recalls, they occasionally occur at the request of F.S.I.S.