Bacon menu items and eating occasions have broken through the breakfast boundary as some foodservice operators use bacon to add decadence to traditional offerings such as burgers and pizza, while others push the envelope with bacon creations inspired by ethnic flavors.

Additionally, past Pork Checkoff research found that the foodservice industry has fueled sales of bacon which is mostly served as part of breakfast entrees, and on hamburgers and sandwiches.

“Pork is being used more throughout the menu,” often as an ingredient, noted Patricia Johnson, global food analyst with Chicago-based Mintel Group Ltd. She added that the meteoric popularity of bacon continues at foodservice. “It’s everywhere; it’s the highest mentioned item on the menu. We love bacon,” she said.

The popularity of pork in the foodservice industry is evident by its presence in everything from soup to soda. Continuing this trend is a variety of foodservice operators that are offering their own take on how best to use bacon. McDonald’s UK and Smashburger took the traditional route by including bacon on The Classic and Sin City Smashburger.

Fusion dishes featuring bacon include Tin Drum Asia Café’s Drunken Club Roti with candied Korean bacon, and the Pork Belly Sandwich, which features pork belly that is brined in a ginger-wasabi dressing.