ROSEMEAD, CA. — In order to educate guests about the variety of healthy eating options available on its menu, Panda Express launched its Wok Smart concept on July 9. Wok Smart identifies 18 sides, entrées and appetizers that are 250 calories or less per serving. All 1,263 company restaurants nationwide will feature the Wok Smart symbol on menu slats alongside the entrées, nutritional brochures and on the web site.

A two-entrée plate of Mixed Veggies, Black Pepper Chicken and Broccoli Beef is 540 calories, which is 27% of a daily 2000 calories diet and contains the five daily recommended servings of vegetables.

Recent menu labeling bills approved throughout the country require chain restaurants to display nutritional information. In California, Senate Bill 120 by Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), implemented on July 1, requires all restaurants with more than 20 units in the state to publish its calorie and nutritional content. In compliance, Panda Express is publishing a brochure with the information in addition to implementing the Wok Smart symbol.

"I believe this is just the beginning. As customers come to expect nutritional information, more restaurants will see the benefit of providing healthier food options," Mr. Padilla said.