Despite the recent bad news about bacon, Ken Swearengen writes on the website Health Wire ( that there are 10 reasons to eat MORE bacon, many because of its healthy attributes. Swearengen, a senior writer for Health Wire, writes that, “Unfortunately, due to some bad science, bacon’s reputation has been damaged over the past few decades…However, bacon is actually much healthier than the brainwashed Medical Establishment would lead you to believe.”

Swearengen, incidentally, is a personal fitness trainer. Here are his 10 reasons to eat bacon any time of the day:

1. It stops food cravings. Its high saturated fat content fills you up faster than high carbohydrate foods.

2. Bacon raises high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. HDL, or “good” cholesterol, is one of the most important markers for heart disease.

3. It’s low in carbs. Carbohydrates — not saturated fat — will make you fat.

4. It contains a significant amount of protein — and high-quality protein at that. While bacon may not contain as much protein as a cut of steak, a few slices provide a decent amount of protein.

5. Bacon is a great source of selenium. This is a nutrient that's a key component of a healthy thyroid gland.

6. It’s chock-full of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a basic building block of DNA, as well as ATP, the energy molecule that makes muscle movement possible.

7. It’s a potent packer of the B vitamin Niacin.

8. It contains choline. Choline has been hyped recently for being one of the most important vitamins for brain health.

9. It’s versatile. Bacon is a go-to for breakfast — but more and more bacon is being added to all kinds of dishes.

10. Bacon is so very delicious.