Sausage Nonnas Antonia, Gina and Lidia
“Sausage Nonnas” Antonia, Gina and Lidia

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Johnsonville and Uber announced a collaboration that will bring the “Sausage Nonnas” to Chicago to deliver free meals.

On Nov. 8, the “Sausage Nonnas” will deliver their own dish made with Johnsonville sausage —sausage rigatoni, lasagna or Italian sausage and meatballs. The Nonnas will be traveling around in customized tiny homes, driven by an Uber partner. Then from 2-6 pm, Chicagoans can request a delivery from a Sausage Nonna through the Uber app.

“Delivering homemade sausage meals throughout the city of Chicago is great in and of itself, but having authentic Italian Nonnas cook and deliver those meals raises the bar to a whole new level,” said Ryan Pociask, senior director of marketing at Johnsonville.

The Sausage Nonnas — Antonia, Gina and Lidia — are Italian grandmothers who are promoting Sausage Sunday, which Johnsonville has positioned as “… a time to gather around the table and enjoy delicious sausage dinners with family.” The promotion is first partnership between Uber and Johnsonville.

“Uber is always on the look-out for fun and unique partnerships that delight our users,” said Amy Friedlander Hoffman, head of Experiential Marketing at Uber. “How better to bring joy to Chicago than delivering warm, personable Italian grandmas in tiny homes with free, home-cooked meals on demand?”