If bacon is to ever have a university, there’s a ready-made fraternity with plenty of pledges ready to join. Meanwhile, Farmland has created a bacon club to fill the savory void. According to the club website, “This is where bacon lovers can connect with others who share their passion – and we can all let our bacon flags fly high.”

Membership is free, and has its benefits – including bacon. The club also features a number of monthly contests offering bacon themed T-shirts and even free bacon as prizes.

Members can also enjoy an array of bacon videos on the site, in addition to finding countless extreme bacon recipes, such as chicken fried bacon, bacon s’mores, bacon weave tacos, bacon doughnut breakfast sandwiches and bacon onion rings.

Another feature on the site is what’s referred to as “bacon hacks” – unique uses for bacon. One hack explains how to fix a squeaky door using bacon grease and another details how to make a bacon bug trap.

Members can also search the club’s calendar to learn about bacon events around the country including upcoming festivals such as Bacon Bash Texas on Oct. 17 in Cranfills Gap, Texas; Southwest Bacon Fest, Nov. 7 in Albuquerque, NM; and PA Bacon Fest, Nov. 7 and 8, in Easton, Pa.

There’s only one prerequisite to joining the Farmland Bacon Club, according to the club website at www.farmlandbaconclub.com. It is: “Love bacon. Do that, and you’re one of us.”