HOUSTON – Sysco Corporation is gearing its new dual-language microsite to the foodservice industry’s Hispanic segment, the country’s fastest growing ethnic population. “Sobremesa” (www.sysco.com/sobremesa) is designed toward helping Hispanic operators drive restaurant traffic, improve operations and better address their customers' evolving needs.
Sobremesa is a Spanish word referring to the time spent after a meal when family and friends converse. Content on the site, available in English and Spanish, includes insights on how to reach Latin Millennials, multi-regional recipes created by the Sysco culinary team, snacking trends among Hispanics and much more.

The US Hispanic population has increased by nearly 45 percent in the past decade, now comprising approximately 18 percent of the US population, and represents an estimated $1.6 trillion in consumer buying power. US Hispanics influence all aspects of the foodservice industry from marketing and branding to product development, hiring and more.

“To effectively reach the vital, fast-growing Hispanic segment, we developed a comprehensive strategy that takes into account the segment’s unique consumer profile and features a deep understanding of the culture,” said Diego Rondon, Sysco's senior director of Segment Marketing, who is responsible for developing the company’s marketing, selling and product strategies for multicultural market segments. “Companies cannot afford to ignore this growing and increasingly influential market.”
“We want to effectively engage with Hispanic foodservice operators and help them to improve and grow their business,” Rondon said.