Zoetis' PEDv vaccine in production at the company's Lincoln, Neb. manufacturing site.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Zoetis Inc. has received conditional approval for its porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) vaccine from the US Department of Agriculture. The company plans to release the vaccine in September.

The vaccine is administered as a 2 mL intramuscular injection to pregnant sows before giving birth. The company recommends two doses given three weeks apart, with the second dose administered two weeks before farrowing. Previously vaccinated sows should receive a single dose given two weeks before farrowing, Zoetis noted. The vaccine is designed to help sows develop antibodies which can be passed to newborn piglets.

USDA granted conditional approval for the vaccine after a field study showed the vaccine is safe and has a reasonable expectation of efficacy. Zoetis said the company is working to complete the efficacy studies and vaccine potency studies necessary to obtain full licensure in the US.

“We at Zoetis are proud to provide our customers with a vaccine to help battle this devastating disease,” said Catherine Knupp, executive vice president and president, Zoetis Research and Development. “Rapidly emerging infectious diseases such as PEDv not only threaten animal health but also the livelihoods of farmers.”