DENVER – A new toolkit that's designed to help supermarket retailers and their on-staff registered dietitians make their store a health-and-wellness destination for consumers is now being offered by the Beef Checkoff.  Named ‘Go Tasty, Go Lean’, the toolkit consists of turnkey materials proven to drive beef sales and purchase intent, according to the Beef Checkoff.

The toolkit is the result of a research project the Beef Checkoff conducted with the assistance of supermarket registered dietitians to evaluate the impact of highlighting fresh beef as part of in-store wellness efforts led by supermarket registered dietitians. A significant sales lift for the beef cuts featured and strong purchase intent reported by shoppers are among the results of this toolkit.

"Because consumers rank supermarkets as one of their most-used sources of information on health and wellness, we wanted to bring a solution to retailers that empowers registered dietitians and store staff to communicate beef's nutrient benefits while also generating bottom-line benefits for their store," said Clay Burtrum, chairman of the Oklahoma Beef Council, a member of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee and chair of the Checkoff's nutrition and health subcommittee. "We found that promoting beef's positive attributes to shoppers – nutrition, taste and ease of preparation – does result in higher sales and enables supermarket RDs to be able to talk knowledgeably and confidently about beef."

Components of the toolkit include resources for in-store promotional efforts and educational materials on beef's nutrition, all of which are proven to lift beef sales and improve beef perceptions, its developers said. Developed in partnership with registered dietitians, the toolkit can also be used by any retail employee who communicates with shoppers. Copies of the information are available at .