Popeyes Beer Can Chicken

ATLANTA – Beer Can Chicken has come to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen locations as a limited-time offering.

The chain pays homage to a method of cooking chicken that is popular in the South. But Popeyes uses beer can seasoning minus the beer can for its backyard-inspired chicken recipe.

“At Popeyes, we always look to our southern heritage to guide our menu innovation,” said Hector Munoz, Popeyes chief marketing officer-US & vice president of marketing. ”Popeyes Beer Can Chicken comes right from the backyard grills of the best southern barbeques. The legendary beer can seasonings and Popeyes dedication to true southern-cooked food makes Beer Can Chicken a natural offering for Popeyes customers.”

A whole chicken breast is marinated in traditional seasonings of lemon zest, butter, garlic, rosemary and cayenne pepper. The breast is then hand-battered in and fried. Each Beer Can Chicken breast is partially cut into strips and served with Cajun fries, a biscuit and dipping sauce.

Beer Can Chicken will be available through Oct. 25, the company said.