NEW YORK – Bion Environmental Technologies Inc. has filed a new patent application for its next-generation livestock waste-treatment technologies. The company claims its latest technology platform incorporates advancements that will reduce capital costs while increasing system performance for wet livestock waste applications, such as dairy and beef cattle.

This next-generation technology platform has been being developed for the past two years at the Kreider Farms dairy installation plus other offsite locations. The patent application is based on Bion's "Separate and Aggregate" strategy previously announced in August 2012.

Bion's goals for the next-generation technology initiative were to significantly increase nutrient recoveries from the waste stream that can then be incorporated into marketable by-products; reduce capital cost by up to 60 percent (compared to initial Kreider Farms dairy installation); significantly increase pathogen reduction capabilities; and generate an effluent discharge stream absent solids.

Bion's proprietary onsite data-based software, that was central in securing verified credit regulatory status at the initial Kreider Farms installation, provided the insight that has driven this technology development program. Final pilot testing will be completed this fall/winter prior to a full-scale installation.

Bion's Environmental Technologies' patented, next-generation technology provides comprehensive treatment of livestock waste that the company said achieves substantial reductions in nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), ammonia, greenhouse and other gases, as well as pathogens, hormones, herbicides and pesticides in the waste stream. Verified nutrient reductions can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional 'downstream' solutions at municipal waste water treatment plants, power plants and other industrial facilities, and the treatment of storm water runoff, the company added.