OKLAHOMA CITY – A majority of Oklahoma's cattle thefts are linked to methamphetamine, The Express Starreported.

Testifying before a panel of legislators discussing problems related to meth abuse Michael Kelsey, executive vice president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, attributed 90 percent of the state's cattle thefts to meth. To date, more than 600 head of cattle have been reported stolen from Oklahoma ranches, according to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. A year ago, 1,000 head of cattle were reported stolen. A thief could receive as much as $1,800 for one animal at a local auction, according Kelsey.

In May, the Robson Ranch near Claremore, Okla., reported stolen 27 head of cattle. The Oklahoma Cattlemen posted a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the culprit(s).

“This is a complete outrage,” Richard Gebhart, president, said in the post. “Cattle theft effects more than a rancher’s bottom line; as ranching is the livelihood of many Oklahoma families that are working tirelessly to produce safe and nutritious beef to feed the world.”