DES MOINES – The National Pork Board is on a mission to find ways to meet international demand for US pork.

NPB has commissioned a study that will explore alternatives for promoting the quality and sustainability benefits of US pork to international consumers. SIAM Professionals LLC will conduct the research.

"Throughout the world, pork is the single most consumed meat. The popularity of US pork is driven by its taste, versatility as a recipe and menu item, and affordable cost," said Chris Novak, CEO of the National Pork Board. "For many years, pork has been marketed globally with all other meats, and it's our intention to determine the ideal way to market US pork on an international basis. It is part of our ongoing commitment to examine all of our Pork Checkoff programs to ensure continuous improvement."

The Pork Checkoff-funded study will evaluate the effectiveness of current global marketing initiatives and identify potential new partnerships and marketing tools for promoting US pork. SIAM Professionals specializes in evaluating and developing international market opportunities for the food and agribusiness industries.

"In 2013, the US sold pork in more than 100 countries. International markets represent a significant sales channel and, grown properly, will be critical to the success of pig farmers across the country," Novak said. "As an industry, we must remain keenly focused on developing global markets and effectively promoting pork worldwide."