KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) weekly US crop condition ratings slipped slightly for corn.

Corn in the 18 major states was rated 75 percent good to excellent as of June 8, down one percentage point from a week earlier but well above 63 percent at the same time last year. This year’s crop was rated 21 percent fair (22 percent a week ago and 29 percent last year) and 4 percent poor to very poor (2 percent last week and 8 percent last year, the USDA said in its weekly Crop Progress report.

Corn emergence in the 18 states was at 92 percent, ahead of 83 percent a year ago and 90 percent as the 2009-13 average for the date.

The soybean crop in the 18 major states was initially rated 74 percent good to excellent, 22 percent fair and 4 percent poor to very poor, with no comparison to a year ago because the crop was not far enough along to rate. Soybeans were 87 percent planted (81 percent average) and 71 percent emerged (62 percent).