BOISE, Idaho – An investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) uncovered five safety violations following the death of a worker at the company's cattle feed mixing facility. Heyburn, Idaho-based Anderson Farms faces $25,200 in penalties.

The accident occurred Feb. 11. Antonio Briano died from mass trauma after becoming entangled in mixing equipment used for cattle feed. Speaking to, Trent Anderson of Anderson Farms said the violations cited by OSHA would not have prevented the accident.

OSHA's Boise Area Office cited Anderson Farms for three serious violations for failure to establish a lockout/tagout program and procedures to protect workers from moving machine parts during maintenance work. The agency said Anderson Farms failed to provide hardware such as locks to prevent the sudden start-up of equipment. OSHA cited the company for failure to follow permit-required confined space entry regulations.

Other violations cited include the failure to report the death of a worker and to keep an injury and illness log.