KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Livestock Marketing Association is under scrutiny from animal-welfare groups after the release of a video that depicts some animal abuses at three livestock auctions in Mississippi.

The Kansas City, Mo.-based LMA advocates for the livestock marketing industry and represents local livestock auction markets on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues.

An investigator with Mercy for Animals took the video while working at Southeast Mississippi Livestock, Pontotoc Stockyard and the Livestock Producers Association. LMS is not accused of any animal abuses, but animal-welfare groups are calling on the organization to send a message to its membership that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

In a statement posted on its website, the LMA said the association has maintained an animal-handling program for its member markets. LMA added that expulsion is the penalty for any member that does not adhere to the association's standards for animal handling and refuses to make changes.

"The Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) is aware of unacceptable treatment of animals that occurred at two livestock auction markets in Mississippi," LMA said in the statement. "The events depicted in a video, as part of an undercover investigation, should not be taken as reflection of the entire livestock marketing industry. Animal abuse and neglect is inappropriate and not routine behavior at livestock auction markets in the United States.

"The LMA is working with the specific Mississippi livestock auction markets regarding animal welfare. We, as an Association, are committed to proper animal handling at livestock auction facilities," the statement added.