Kayem Artisan Sausages

CHELSEA, Mass. – Kayem Foods has developed new line of fully-cooked sausages that bring savory and sweet flavors to the grill.

The Kayem Artisan Sausages line-up includes Fire-Roasted Pepper Jack, Pineapple Uncured Bacon along with the more traditional offerings of Andouille and Sweet Pepper Provolone. The sweet and savory ingredients are combined with premium cuts of pork sirloin.

"As a brand that has always prided itself on being the New England go-to brand for grilling, Kayem is very excited to move towards becoming a go-to brand in the kitchen," said Bob Kufferman, Kayem senior brand manager. "At Kayem, we always strive to create unique flavors and products that can be easily prepared and enjoyed by all of our fans, and our new Artisan Sausage line is a great example of this. These Artisan Sausages can be simply cooked on the grill or prepped in the kitchen in a variety of unique recipes to be enjoyed by the whole family."

The coarse-ground sausages have 35 percent less fat, and contain no artificial flavors or MSG. The sausages are available at select retail markets in New England, Michigan and California.