MIAMI – Burger King Corp. announced the chain has upgraded its wireless platform, Whopper Wi-Fi.

The new and improved platform features fast and easy set-up, consistent service at all US restaurants and more options for diners.

"Wi-Fi connectivity is a growing priority for businesses and we're providing solutions that support that need," said Dan Walsh, AT&T senior vice president, Global Customer Solutions & Integration. "AT&T's reliable Wi-Fi network aligns with the Burger King brand commitment to create the best guest experience and lays the foundation for continued growth."

Whopper Wi-Fi is powered by AT&T Ready Zone, the communication company's newest plug-and-play solution.

"Whopper Wi-Fi is about improving the in-restaurant experience for our guests. Most of our guests carry smart phones or tablets, and this upgrade makes their time with us easier and more enjoyable," said Alex Macedo, president, North America, BKC. "We are committed to enhancing our digital platforms across the board and having Whopper Wi-Fi is just the beginning."