DES MOINES — According to the National Pork Board, the agency’s "We Care" initiative is helping pork producers tell their story in every state while fostering trust in the U.S. pork industry.

"Support for ‘We Care’ has been truly remarkable," said Steve Weaver, a pork producer from Elk Grove, Calif., and president of the National Pork Board. "If we don’t speak up, the public’s perception of our industry will be shaped in a manner we may not care for. Through ‘We Care’, we have a way to present a united front that keeps our industry on the right track."

The Pork Checkoff-supported program was developed to educate the public about modern pork production. Many tools have been developed to help producers and their state pork associations to tell that story, including producer-to-consumer talking points, question-and-answer pieces, PowerPoint presentations, editorials, print advertising, billboards and radio spots. A new We Care Web site is also in the works.

The success of the We Care program depends on the participation of individuals throughout the pork industry, and it underscores the importance of staying current with various industry education and training programs, said Don Butler, N.P.P.C. president.

"We know that trust is earned, and this is an on-going process. We must continually follow best practices and communicate these principles to our employees," he added.