ATLANTA – Foodservice operators in Georgia interested in offering artisanal or heritage pork products are in luck: Ossabaw Island pork is on the way.

Marc and Lydia Mousseau, the founders of a pork business called Hamthropology, have brought registered Ossabaw Island pigs to their Island Creek Preserve farm near Milledgeville, Ga. The couple converted the farm to accommodate a herd of free-range pigs. The Mousseaus are dedicated to preserving the heritage breed of pigs which are descended from Iberico pigs from Spain. Only a few thousand pigs are produced each year making Ossabaw Island pork a heritage food in danger of extinction.

Two Georgia-based breweries, 5 Seasons Brewing Company and Red Brick Brewing, convert their used brew grains into sustainable feed for the pigs.

"We are delighted that the by-products of these beers are helping to raise the pork that will appear on their diners' plates," said Marc Mousseau, co-founder, Hamthropology.