MATTHEWS, NC – Harris Teeter plans to label its Reserve Angus beef brand with the USDA Certified Very Tender label with Cargill Meat Solutions acting as supplier.

In 2013, the beef-tenderness laboratory at the Wichita Cargill Innovation Center became the first US processor to receive USDA certification for its beef-tenderness program. Harris Teeter believes the certification will encourage beef purchases among consumers.

“We are going above and beyond the norm to give our shoppers another measure of confidence they deserve when purchasing quality beef products” said Danna Jones, communication specialist for Harris Teeter. “Our hope is that this label will help to eliminate confusion at the meat case.”

Cargill Meat Solutions will supply cuts eligible for certification. The cuts include ribeye, shortloin, striploin, tenderloin and top blade.

“Tenderness claims have been around for quite some time but with that claim being certified by the USDA, consumers can trust that it’s the truth,” said Glen Dolezal, assistant vice president of business development and communication for Cargill Meat Solutions. “Under this program, our processes and standards pass several audits; including tenderness shear-force testing that meets the strict USDA Certified Very Tender standards.”