COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Packing Co. announced the company is closing its business and that Crescent Springs, Ky.-based Blue Grass Quality Meats has acquired the company's brands.

"We have decided to close our Columbus, [Ohio] operations and are in the process of transitioning production of our Harvest, Family and Serv-Mor brands, as well as our private label business, to Blue Grass Quality Meats," the companies said in a joint statement. "Every effort is in place at the administrative, operations, and customer service levels to make the transition as smooth as possible. We expect the transition period to be completed by April 14, 2014."

Ohio Packing Co. was established in 1907 by Fritz Wilke as a neighborhood butcher shop in Columbus, according to the company's Linkedin profile. The company had been run by third- and fourth-generation family members. Ohio Packing Co.'s distributed products over a multi-state area. The company also produced numerous private-label items for foodservice, distributors and retail operations.

Blue Grass Quality Meats produces a full line of deli meats, packaged meats, sausages and other meat products. The company was established by the Rice family, which has been producing meat products since 1867. The company has been family owned for five generations.

"Both companies are working closely together, through a transitional period, to assure products are made true to their time-honored recipes and that existing customers are serviced with excellence," the statement continued. "It is our goal to build each of these brands to their fullest potential in the future. We see these brands as relevant to their marketplace and a strategic advantage to expanding our current geographic footprint. Blue Grass Quality Meats – family owned for five generations."