OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Canadian ranchers and exporters now have new market opportunities in Mongolia for beef, cattle, swine and pork products, said Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz after meeting with Tunjin Badamjunai, Mongolia's Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry. The announcement is an important development in relations between the two countries, and opens doors to many new exports and opportunities in agricultural cooperation, Mr. Ritz said.

The Canadian government's decision to open a new Embassy in Ulaanbataar last year is already paying dividends, said Stockwell Day International Trade Minister, who met with Minister Badamjunai on June 15 to discuss further trade cooperation. "We are the second-largest foreign investor in Mongolia and our existing strong commercial relationship in the mining sector is broadening into real opportunities for Canada's agricultural producers," he added.

Canadian agriculture and food products that can be exported to Mongolia now include live cattle, live swine, ovine/caprine genetics (sheep/goats), bovine genetics, porcine semen, day-old chicks and hatching eggs, and meat products, including all beef and beef products.

Minister Ritz and his Mongolian counterpart in Ottawa discussed agriculture cooperation and trade opportunities between the two countries. As part of this mission, Minister Badamjunai and his governmental and business delegation will also travel to Saskatchewan, a province with which Mongolia has a close agricultural relationship.